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STI thread gages are used to determine the class of fit of the threads inside a tapped hole. The gages measure this tapped, re-threaded hole before the wire insert is installed. The class of fit of the tapped hole will determine the class of fit of the installed insert, once it is properly installed and seated.

These gages are available in standard coarse and fine threads measuring up to 1″ in American sizes, and up to 24 millimeters in metric sizes.

Each Go/No-Go gage set will consist of 1 Go thread member and one No-Go thread member, both attached to opposite ends of a handle. Individual members can be purchased separately.

To receive a quote for a gage set, please supply us with the following information:
1) Size and pitch
2) Class of fit (pitch diameter limits)
3) Do you need a “working” gage (most common option) or a “reference” (laboratory conditions) gage
4) Do you need a full gage set, or just one member

Please call us for pricing and delivery